Newsletter – February 2016

Hi there!

EURAPS-JWG is back in action. After the meeting in Edinburgh we have been working on establishing a new team, that over the last couple of months have worked intensively to strengthen the basis of the group and re-launch it.

We are steadily working to create an European platform for cooperation, interaction and professional development of residents and young plastic surgeons. We aim to do so by promoting collaborations and exchanges within the specialty and across borders, connecting you and our colleagues from all over Europe, enabling all of us to exchange knowledge, expertise, ideas, and experiences.
Why do we exist, you might ask. Europe with its many countries has an ocean of different training programs, offering different opportunities for education, and different opportunities. It can be a jungle to figure out where to- and who-to contact to learn about that scholarship, that course, that exchange opportunity, that humanitarian mission, that academic contact. It may also be difficult to interact with our peers, explore, meet.
Our goal is to make use of this diversity and make it a valuable resource everyone can benefit from instead of an obstacle.
Of course, there’s a social aspect of it too, we gather during the annual EURAPS meeting to touch base, exchange experiences, and get new acquaintances from all over Europe, and sometimes other continents, too.

What are we doing ?

We have organized ourselves in task forces, focused to collect, organize and share information in many different areas of interest, so that you actually get to see all the wonderful opportunities out there. We truly wish to see our group thriving, supplying that information, that network and those contacts. This is an overview of what we are working on right now and their progress: if you are interested want to get involved contact us using the information below or on our website.

I, Iselin Saltvig, am responsible for our newsletter. I plan to post our progress in newsletters, and am working on a blog cooperation with our American colleagues with the PRS Chronicles.

Marzia Moio is responsible for our humanitarian missions task force. She is in the process, amongst others, of arranging cooperation protocols with local and international Medical charities aswell as other cooperations with the goal to introduce the JWG to associations involved in medical charity so that they can contact us.

Giselle Nele is in charge of our communications, and is keeping out page active, updating it with information about our meetings, and other meetings and courses around Europe,

Samet Sendur and Federico Fachin are working on the research committee. Together they aim to create an updated list of centres doing research in plastic surgery willing of revieving guests and promoting their projects.

Michail Sorotos is keeping our website updated and works on developing it, stay tuned. Our brand new forum is coming really soon.

Giorgio Giatsidis and Andres Maldonado are responsible for international relationships and developing our network.

Jo Mennie and Barbara Craggs are in charge of the clinical exchanges committee to develop a network of short clinical exchange programmes amongst EURAPS centres. The exchanges aim to enable plastic surgeons in training the opportunity to build clinical experience in a different healthcare environment as well as promote relationships between European centres. Exchanges for both junior and senior trainees will be available.

Stefan Hacker and Benedetto Longo are responsible for promoting the EURAPS RC and the annual EURAPS meeting among residents and for coordinating activities of the JWG during those meetings with local hosts.

Some other info

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The JWG does not have a meeting on its own; instead, we have chosen to have our meeting during the annual EURAPS meeting: with a small forum with an educational-based discussion, sharing results for the previous year and goals for the following one.

This year, the EURAPS annual meeting it will be held 26th-28th of May in Brussels, the home of pralines, fries and the European parliament.

Preceding the EURAPS annual meeting, is the EURAPS research council, this year joined by the European Plastic Surgery Research Council to provide an unprecedentedly broad platform for research
There are still openings for abstract submission, with the deadline 1st of March!

Curious? Come see us during the EURAPS in Brussels, the capital of fries, in May!
Iselin Saltvig, Editor