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Newsletter – August 2016

Published on: 10. August 2016

At the end of May, many of us spent four great days in Brussels, attending the annual EURAPS and EURAPS-Research Council meetings hosted by Prof. Hamdi and Dr. Hendrickx. As every year, it was a fantastic occasion to witness innovative presentations, catch up with friends, meet new colleagues, and draft novel collaborations.

Newsletter – February 2016

Published on: 22. February 2016

Hi there!

EURAPS-JWG is back in action. After the meeting in Edinburgh we have been working on establishing a new team, that over the last couple of months have worked intensively to strengthen the basis of the group and re-launch it.

Newsletter – February 2014

Published on: 10. February 2014

Dear European colleague residents, we are thrilled to welcome you in the ! The EURAPS – Junior Working Group (JWG) was established during the last annual EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons) Meeting in Antalya to provide a practical platform for pursuing excellence in Plastic Surgery under the mentorship and with the support of Dr. Grazia Salimbeni, President of EURAPS and Dr. Manfred Frey, EURAPS Secretary General.