About EURAPS Junior Working Group


  • To establish a network for reciprocal interaction and cultural exchange among residents.
  • To promote and facilitate mobility among European centers of excellence in Plastic Surgery.
  • To share high-value learning opportunities.
  • To sustain clinical, scientific and research collaborations.
  • To assist residents and to promote the ideals of EURAPS.


The JWG is a project conceived and founded by two PRS residents, Giorgio Giatsidis (University of Padova, Italy) and Stefan Hacker (University of Vienna, Austria) during multiple gatherings at EURAPS and EURAPSRC Meetings where they perceived the need for a more structured and effective collaborative group of European residents. Soon after founding the JWG the team was strengthen inviting some colleagues to join in a temporary “Steering Committee” that would sustain the JWG in the really early basis and until widening participation: Nikolaos Arkoulis (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Alvaro Cabello (University of Navarra, Spain), Quentin Frew (St. Andrews Burns and Plastics Unit, UK), Caroline Szpalski (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Thomas Colson (University of Marseille, France) and Thilo Schenck (TU Munich, Germany) were the firsts to join while others have been later integrated.

Date of Constitution

The EURAPS – Junior Working Group (JWG) was established during the last annual EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgeons) Meeting in Antalya to provide a practical platform for pursuing excellence in Plastic Surgery under the mentorship and with the support of Dr. Grazia Salimbeni, President of EURAPS and Dr. Manfred Frey, EURAPS Secretary General.